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About me

Picture of Liliana Zheleva

Liliana Zheleva –
CAA lecturer in aviation meteorology

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Liliana Zheleva and I was born in Razgrad.

My childhood dream as most kids then,  was to become an astronomer or astronaut, which was normal and modern for that time. Contemporary of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, for me the most exciting profession was that of a spaceman.

When I entered the University “Kliment Ohridski” in the Department of “Physics of the earth, atmosphere and space”, my childhood dream took a little transformation. Mature view of the prospect of becoming a “great” astronomer or astronaut me off just down from space, ie, the Earth’s atmosphere. There was something interesting and mysterious to look into the future and predicting the weather where successful, where unsuccessful. Few sciences can boast that. They say in our professional community, “Meteorology is a great science, but it all depends on the weather.”

Meteorology for me to this day remains a science of the future that is yet to be developed and will become essential for human survival. So, in 1976, graduated MA-Physics with specialization in meteorology. My childhood dream of flying again prevailed and started working as an aviation meteorologist at the airport. Later became head of the weather office, In 1992  I moved to Headquarters ATC-Sofia office expert aeronautical meteorological service. All my 35 years of experience dedicated to the aviation and related aviation meteorology.

Over the past 15 years, except operating activities began teaching at the Center for training of personnel to ATC. I became licensed by the CAA lecturer in aviation meteorology. Train new colleagues and air traffic controllers when they enter a job in ATC. During 6 years and now  I teach candidates for private pilots and transport aircraft pilots at  Air Sofia center and the Institute of Air Transport.

In 2011, I signed a contract for training military pilots in Uganda – Africa. It was the most exciting moment of my teaching practice due to new challenges. Disparate meteorological time in this equatorial country (tropical meteorology) and the training conducted entirely in English put to the test not only professional, but my practical training as an aviation meteorologist.

When in June 2012 I retired already has dreamed for years of free time to sort out and share the experience as a meteorologist and lecturer. And so was born the idea for this site. It reflects the passion and my love for my profession. You will share my thoughts, ideas, my experience in meteorology, books I’ve read, the issues over which second-guess and find a solution, i.e about everything that interests me and I know in aviation meteorology.

My other goal is, if I can, to help those who wish to become pilots and people who are about exam Aviation Meteorology licensing of private (PPL Private Pilot License) or professional pilots (ATPL-Airline Transport License).

For me personally, the site is an opportunity to share and discuss what I know about my profession with all stakeholders, thereby improve and learn new things. I will like to have comments, arguments, discussions and proposals on information published here.

Welcome and nice and useful minutes on my site.

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